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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Chief Rabbi Of Gateshead: ‘Jews Will Have to Leave Britain’ Because of Forced Secular Studies For Yeshivah Students

A  huge problem for all European Jewry and this may spread to the USA!.
In England, Belgium and France, there is a law on the books that makes the study of evolution, and the study of deviant sexual behaviors,  compulsory for all children.
This is even if the Yeshivas do not take funds from the respective governments. 

In the Zionist State of Israel, if a Yeshivah chooses not to accept government funds, they have every right to teach what they want!

But in the Chutz Le'Aartez Schools, it is mandatory for all children to learn these subjects that are basically abhorrent to Torah observant Jews. 

In the US, it is also mandatory, but somehow they get away with it, but not for long!

So what will Jews do now? 
Will they move to the Zionist State?

I believe that they will cave in and teach the subjects rather than to move to Israel!

The Satmar Special Public School in Monroe, years ago took off the mezuzois from the doors and they do not teach Torah subjects to their Special students that attend there.

One of the most prominent Rabbonim in England, HaRav Shraga Feivel Zimmerman is suspect of the leadership of the Ministry of Education in England and said: “Jews will have to leave England before long.”
Rabbi Zimmerman serves as the Chief Rabbi or Av Beis Din of the Jewish community in Gateshead. In his remarks, Rabbi Zimmerman was referring to an issue that is affecting many Charedi communities across Europe in countries where the Education Ministries are forcing students to learn subjects which the communities feel are of the level of transgression where it would be better to die than to transgress (yehareg va’al ya’avor). These topics, which are considered heretical by Charedi communities at large include; the theory of evolution and multiple possibilities of ways in which the world was created.
Rabbi Zimmerman was quoted in the Jewish Chronicle as saying: “The involvement of the government in religious studies is the most serious issue facing the Jewish community in England since the expulsion of the Jews by King Edward the 1st more than 700 years ago. The Jews of England feel that we are in a crisis situation right now.”
Rabbi Zimmerman said that Rabbonim from other parts of the country outside of Gateshead have shown a desire to form a unified front in an attempt to stop this attempt at forcing Charedi children to learn these things.

In find of biblical proportions, seal of Prophet Isaiah found in Jerusalem

Isaiah Bulla, a 2,700-year-old clay seal impression which potentially belonged to the biblical prophet Isaiah. (Ouria Tadmor/© Eilat Mazar)

The hand of the Prophet Isaiah himself may have created an 8th century BCE seal impression discovered in First Temple remains near Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, according to Hebrew University archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar.

“We appear to have discovered a seal impression, which may have belonged to the prophet Isaiah, in a scientific, archaeological excavation,” said Mazar this week in a press release announcing the breathtaking discovery.

Mazar’s team uncovered the minuscule bulla, or seal impression, during renewed excavations at the Ophel, located at the foot of the southern wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The discovery was published on Wednesday in an article, “Is This the Prophet Isaiah’s Signature?” as part of a massive March-June issue of the Biblical Archaeology Review dedicated to its recently retired founding editor, Hershel Shanks.
The clay impression is inscribed with letters and what appears to be a grazing doe, “a motif of blessing and protection found in Judah, particularly in Jerusalem,” according to the BAR article.

Is Moshiach Here? Satmar, Viznitz and Belz make Sholom at the Wedding in Petach Tikvah

I'll give you a little background to the eternal feuds amongst the Chassidic dynasties

Viznitz and Belz openly take money from the 
Zionist state, which puts them in direct conflict with Satmar who are adamantly against taking any funds from the Zionist state of Israel

There is one problem ..... however ... because it just so happens that the Satmar Rebbe, R' Aron Teitelbaum and the Viznititer Rebbe, R' Yisroel Hager, and the Belzer Rebbe.... are all brother-in-laws.... 
their wives are all sisters

R' Aron, the Satmar Rebbe has a nephew by the name of R' Chaim Hersh Meizels, who is the Satmar Rosh Yeshivah and head of all Satmar Moisdois in Israel 

One problem, the Aronim, the followers of R' Aron, hate this Meisels guy for , reasons I am not privy of, but now there is a civil war in Israel within the Aronie Camp with the Pro-Meisels guys fighting with the anti-Meisels guys 

This Meisels guy happens to be the Vizniter Rebbe' son- in -law ....
The Son in Law, Meisels doesnt get along with his own Father-in-law, the 
Viznitzer rebbe, because the Viznitzer is a hidden Zionist 
This Meisels guy married off his daughter this week in Petach Tikvah 
This past Shabbos at the "Furshpiel" seudah, Meisels didn't even show up at his own son-in-laws, "seuda, because it took place by the Vizniter Rebbe..

Got it so far? because it gets better...

So at the wedding, most Satmar Chassidim didn't show up because of their own civil war 
And Meisels wouldn't give the honor of "mesader Kiddushen" to his grandfather, the Viznitzer Rebbe, who is the grandfather of his own child, because he hates his guts ... so he honored the Satmar Rebbe , his uncle as the Mesadeir Kiddushen"

However, a miracle occurred, and when the guy called out that the Satmar Rebbe will be the Mesader, the Satmar Rebbe turned around to his brother-in-law, the Viznitzer Rebbe and gave him the honor ..
Meisels was horrified .... but couldn't say a word ... 
meanwhile they called up the Belzer Rebbe , who is "Chazir" in Satmar because he is one of the biggest takers of Zionist funds .. for the first 2 blessings under the Chupah ... but the Belzer was told quietly to take 6 blessings

So now we have miracles of miracles... to have the Viznitzer get Mesaider Kiddushin at a Satmar wedding and the Belzer getting 6 blessings a no no 
in Satmar circles

However, the Satmar Rebbe realized that the new generation is not interested in the old stupid feuds and decided to stay out of the feud and benevently gave his honor to to his Zionist Brother-in-law

I hope this continues ...
I have to give credit where credit is due


In the Fashion Industry ... ISIS is in!

Heads were rolling at the Gucci Fall/Winter 2018 show in Milan!
Designer Alessandro Michele sent models down the catwalk toting decapitated mannequin heads, designed to look just like the models’ own.
The set, according to the Italian label’s Instagram, was meant to reflect “the work of a designer — the act of cutting, slicing, reconstructing materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity with them.”
Guillotining certainly counts as cutting and slicing. 
Hats and heads off to Gucci!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Where are the parents of these teenagers that are harassing 2 girls walking down the street in Yerushalyim?

This is so vile and very troubling. 

 Because some of the participants don't seem to be so "radical" based on their looks - 
Something is wrong in the way those kids are being raised. 

To me this is much worse than screaming or even throwing things at a soldier walking through Meah Shearim (not that doing so is okay) simply because the soldier at least can hit back. 

Harassing two girls walking down the street is something that most civilized people realize is something beyond the pale of decency. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Satmar "Black Matters" Parade

Whole Satmar Movement is based Only On Anti-Zionism ... that's it!

Another violent day in the Meah Shearim ...Terrorists Stone Kotel Rav

It was another violent day in the Meah Shearim neighborhood, as large police forces were called to rescue the Kosel Rabbi.
At around 4:00PM, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, Rav of the Kosel and Holy Sites arrived at a Matzah bakery on Chavakuk Street. Minutes after arriving, a message was quickly disseminated among the regular extremists that they were all needed at the Beiderman Bakery to protest the presence of Rabbi Rabinowitz.
A small crowd arrived and began screaming and chanting in front of the bakery. The crowd quickly grew in size, and police were called.
As is the custom in the area, as soon as police arrived and exited their vehicles, they were greeted with the usual “Nazi” screams directed at the police.
Additional resources were brought in as the crowd grew.
Around 45 minutes later, Rabbi Rabinowitz exited the bakery under heavy police guard, as the crowd screamed and yelled all types of slurs at the Rabbi and police.
As police attempted to exit the Meah Shearim area, they were greeted by rocks, glass bottles, dirty diapers and other items thrown at them. The road was also blocked by overturned dumpsters making it difficult to exit the area, as protesters tried stopping the police vehicle from leaving with Rabbi Rabinowitz.
No arrests were made.
Sources said that the group was protesting Rabbi Rabinowitz as they accuse him of trying to take control of Kever Rashbi in Meron, and give the State of Israel more control then they already have over the holy site.
This is the third consecutive day of people being attacked in Meah Shearim / Bais Yisroel neighborhoods. We reported on Monday that Frum soldiers were attacked on Sunday and then again on Monday. One day it was because a soldier simply tried to Daven in the Bais Yisroel Shteeblach, and the next day it was for a soldier eating a falafel with his family at Miros Falafel store. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported in both incidents.
ALL PHOTOS TAKEN BY AND USED WITH PERMISSION FROM דוד פרלמוטר VIA מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים:

Satmar Owners of Fleischmanns' Hotel Scream "Divrei Torah" against an old Frum Doctor!

The confrontation was filmed by the doctor’s neighbors and subsequently published on the Internet. 
Three clips can be viewed on the SatmarStrip Club Facebook page:
The female voice is the Doctor's neighbor 
 The video reflected poorly on the Mendelowitz trio who are seen haranguing the old man without apparent cause (the men do not specify what the issue is).
Three generations of lunatic Mendelowitz'

Monday, February 19, 2018

Terrorists Convene in Bnei Brak.....

Notice followers of the terrorist and watch them give him chizuk ..... so guys keep giving to their moisdois ....
 Don't cry when you have G-D forbid a loved one in an ambulance trying to get to the hospital .... 
Don't get frustrated when you are on a bus trying to get home after a day's work , and one of the terrorists that wear fancy glasses, Barcelona hats with pleated pants block your bus .....

Satmar Rebbe Arriving in Israel Amidst "Civil War" in his own Satmar Camp!

R' Aron Teitelbaum, Monroe Satmar Rebbe will be arriving in Israel momentarily, for a wedding of his grandchild.

R' Aron's  brother- in -law , the Zionist Viznitzer Rebbe, R' Yisroel Hager's son-in-law, R' Chaim Tzvi Meisels is marrying off a daughter.

The problem is that R' Chaim Tzvi Meisels is a fanatical Aronie, (he is R' Aron's sister's son) who hates his own father-in-law, the Viznitzer Rebbe, R' Yisroel Hager.

This Shabbos at the "Furshpiel Seuda" (the groom wasn't even there, he was in London) in Bnei Brak..... R' Chaim Tzvi Meisels refused to show up at the Seuda because his father-in-law was officiating.

Below see the invitation to the wedding .... with the name of the Viznitzer Rebbe, the grandfather, omitted 

Viznitzer Rebbe 

Meanwhile, the Satmar Aronim have their own civil war, because R' Aron officially crowned the fanatical R' Chaim Tzvi Meisels, his nephew,  as the head of all Satmar Ahroni Institutions. 

The Satmar Askanim are livid, since they hate Meisels guts..
R' Aron has to pretend that he is not taking sides and must tiptoe between his nephew, the fanatic R' Chaim Tzvi and the Askanim who want R' Chaim Tzvi out!

Let's sit back and watch the fireworks..
R' Aron on the left with his nephew R' Chaim Tzvi Meisels Right

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Yeshiva Students Are Expelled From Yeshiva for Acting as Extras in a TV Show About Misbehaved Yeshiva Students Expelled From Their Yeshiva

If you’re serious about TV—you’ve probably already heard about Shababnikim, arguably the best Israeli show since, well, Srugim, or Fauda, or whatever other Israeli show you may be obsessed with. It follows four friends at the finest of Jerusalem’s yeshivot who care more about smoking, sipping Nespresso, and watching Van Damme films than about spending their days poring over mishnayot.
If you speak any Hebrew, check it out online: It is, as Karen Skinazi wrote in Tablet recently, “Tarantinoesque dark,” which means that when you see these dudes in their black suits, white shirts, and black hats, you expect mayhem to giddily follow along.
And follow along it does: According to the Charedi press in Israel, two students of Derech Hochma, an elite yeshiva in Jerusalem, were recently expelled after their rabbis learned that they skipped out on learning Torah and answered a casting call sent out to young Charedi men to come act as extras in the popular show.
Put bluntly, here’s what happened: Students at a top-tier yeshiva in Jerusalem were kicked out for misbehaving and playing themselves in a TV sitcom about students at a top-tier yeshiva in Jerusalem who often misbehave.
Learning of the expulsion, the show’s stars, who are not haredi, rushed to the students’ defense. “I believe the students participated in the show innocently, and in order to represent yeshiva students as they really are,” said Ori Laizerouvich, who plays the studious Gedaliah. “The show is an important bridge between the Charedi and the secular worlds, and as far as I’m concerned brings about real communion, true love without judgment, and pure interpersonal communication. I hope and expect that these boys be allowed to return to whatever academic institution they wish to be a part of.” 
Amen to that. In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, here is episode one; see if you can spot the two freewheelin’ yeshiva boichers lingering in the background:

Soldier attacked in Jerusalem synagogue - flees in ambulance

A frum soldier was attacked Sunday evening as he davened in a shul in the Beit Yisrael neighborhood of Yerushalayim.

The soldier, a member of the national religious community, arrived at the Beit Yisrael Shtibel Sunday night for maariv when he was attacked by anti-draft radicals, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

The Beit Yisrael Shteeble, located in the predominantly Charedi neighborhood Beit Yisrael, near Meah Sharim, includes multiple rooms to daven, allowing locals to form impromptu prayer services at all times.

During maariv, Charedi gangsters assaulted the soldier and forced him to flee the shteeble and call for assistance.

While his attackers pursued him, the soldier managed to escape when an ambulance arrived at the scene.
It is unclear if the soldier any injuries during the attack.

Monsey Shadchanim "Askanim" Come Up with Crazed Scheme


Has anyone seen this?! Has anyone read this?!
What in the world is going on in our community?
I guess Tevya was right when he said, “When you’re rich, they think you really know!”
Let me fill you in.
Recently, there has been a flyer circulating our community, you can see it pictured above.
Here is the crux of it: A few shuls in Monsey, as well as some well-meaning families in our community are joining together to help tackle the “Shidduch Crisis” and this is how they plan on doing so.
The flyer states that the program is being sponsored by a few generous families who will be covering most of the “Shadchan fees” while the families and singles involved will only have to pay for “Success Fees,” In turn, these shadchanim will work to help singles in the program find dates and proper matches/suitors.
Here is their pricing breakdown:
$150 for the first date
$150 for the third date
$200 for the fifth date
What these people expect, seemingly, is that singles in the program will not only pay for dates and everything those dates entail (gas, food, activities, clothing, etc.) On top of all of that, they will pay for their Shadchan sending them on a “successful” date. This is beyond ludicrous. To add to this already mind-numbing, inane logic, they also expect each side of a successful shidduch to pay another $1500-$1800+ (per side, or more as the families feel is appropriate)to the shadchan! Isn’t everyone lucky that they even allow the moneys paid towards the first five dates to be counted towards this final fee?!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Daniel Simon Yacobi, 36, is charged in the murder of his mother, 67-year-old Violet Yacobi

A prominent California dentist plead not guilty to murder Wednesday after prosecutors say he strangled his mother to death last October for financial gain.
Daniel Simon Yacobi, 36, was charged with strangling his mother, 67-year-old Violet Yacobi, who was found dead in her Beverly Hills home on October 10. Her daughter made a 911 call after finding her mother unconscious and not breathing.
The Coroner’s office determined she has been strangled and ruled her death a homicide. Despite being pronounced dead on the scene, prosecutors say she was killed the day before.
The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said that the case against Yacobi includes a special circumstance allegation of murder for financial gain.
Authorities have not yet revealed a motive.
In an eerie turn of events, Yacobi took to Facebook last month to remember his mother’s “unrelenting and everlasting love.”

Charedi rabbis Instill Hate Against IDF by banning the dressing up as IDF soldiers during Purim

Instead of doing their jobs to spread love for other Jews, Chareidei Rabbonim decided to use the festival of Purim to use their influence to poison and instill blatant hatred against their fellow Jews in uniform ...
This was predicted by the Talmud over 2,000 years ago, when the Chazal foresaw that the leaders of Klall Yisroel during the times of Moshiach will be like "the faces of dogs!"

This time added to the gang of Litvishe Gedoilim, Sfardie Gedoilim signed the edict.....
Remember this when the Sfardie Rabbis in their fancy frocks come schnoor in your schuls.

As the Purim holiday approaches, a group of 35 leading Sephardic haredi rabbis penned a letter expressing their opposition to the popular custom of dressing up as IDF soldiers.
The rabbis wrote that dressing up as soldiers would be improper "at a time when the government is trying to seduce and intimidate the youth," into serving in the army, and alleged that the costumes would legitimize IDF service in the haredi community.

The rabbis wrote that instead of IDF soldiers, "children should be encouraged to dress up like rabbis and righteous people in order to emulate them."
"These costumes have a great influence on the souls of our children and their aspirations and we need to educate them to stay away from this ugliness," added the letter, which was signed by senior rabbis in some of the most prominent Sephardic yeshivas, including Rabbi Shalom Cohen, who heads the Shas party's Council of Torah Sages.
The letter marks the first time that senior rabbis of the Sephardic haredi stream have issued a ban on such costumes. While rabbis from the Lithuanian-haredi stream have been issuing such letters annually since 2013, the Sephardic rabbis are considered more moderate in their attitude towards IDF service.

The Netanyahu scandals – good for a laugh in America.

The Netanyahu government is at risk of being toppled – over what? 

He took cigars?

I know it may be more than that, but not much more through American eyes.
He (allegedly) accepted gifts, those cigars and other things, and for that Israel, we are told, may lose the best leader it’s had in decades.

Rabbi Avraha Yehoshua Solveichik Rosh Yeshiva of Brisk: Today we live during the period of 'Edicts"

מרן הגאון רבי אברהם יהושע סולווייצ'יק ראש 

ישיבת בריסק: היום חיים אנו בתקופת 'גיוס גזירות'

Rosh Yeshiva of Brisk Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Soloveitchik shlita said
  'There is no decree of' enlisting sons 'and there is no decree of' enlisting girls ', in the IDF ......
but there is a decree' to enlist decrees

Why I went from Catholic schoolgirl to Chasidic Jewish wife

Growing up in a Catholic family in East New York in the ’90s, Yehudit Chervony, nee Yomaira Tamayo, didn’t even know what a Jew was. Now, she belongs to a strict Hasidic sect in New York.
“I would drive through Williamsburg and I remember thinking, ‘What language is that?’ I thought they were Amish,” says Chervony, 34.

Jamie Guttenberg Slaughtered in Florida School Massacre ... 4 Jewish Students among the Victims

Jamie Guttenberg A”H has been identified as a victim in the massacare at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.
Her parents are Fred and Jennifer Guttenberg.
Their son Jesse, also a student at the school, thankfully made it home.
Another Jewish victim was being treated at a local hospital.
Ben Wikander was shot three times and was undergoing surgery at Broward North.
Ben Wikander
Among the 17 victims are 4 Jewish students.
They have been identified to YWN as:
Medow Pollack 18
Alyssa Alhadeff 14
Jamie Guttenberg 14
Alex Schachter (Teen Student)
A former student opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle at a Florida high schoolWednesday, killing at least 17 people and sending hundreds of students fleeing into the streets in the nation’s deadliest school shooting since a gunman attacked an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.
The shooter, who was equipped with a gas mask and smoke grenades, set off a fire alarm to draw students out of classrooms shortly before the day ended at one of the state’s largest schools, officials said.
Authorities offered no immediate details on the 19-year-old suspect or any possible motive, except to say that he had been kicked out of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which has about 3,000 students.
Students who knew the shooter, identified as Nikolas Cruz, described a volatile teenager whose strange behavior had caused others to end friendships with him, particularly after the fight that led to his expulsion.
Sources confirm that a few hundred Jewish teenagers attend this school. At least one Jewish student is missing. Please say Tehillim for Rochel bas Leah. As of this posting, her parents have still not located her.
“It was a wrenching scene,” Rabbi Mendy Gutnick, youth director at Chabad of Parkland, told “Parents were gathered outside while their children were still inside of the school, and they had no way to save them.”
“Together with Rabbi Shuey Biston, I rushed to the school to give support to anyone we could. The school is at least 40% Jewish, so we know many of the students and their parents,” he continued. “We went from parent to parent and tried to offer as much comfort as possible, and helped them recite Psalms, praying for the students and faculty in the school. ”
The rabbi said he is coordinating with his fellow Chabad rabbis from nearby Coral Springs, home of many of the students, to hold an evening of prayer, consolation and memorial later this week.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Shabbos at Wendy's

Maybe instead of going to the Rebbe's Tish ... communities should make community Friday night meals for the elderly ...... maybe ! 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Amazing Collection, New York Early 1900's (In Color)

Notice no fat people.....
All the adults in these pictures are all dead. Even the Children are dead. Shockingly most of these photographs are way more in super HD than some of the crappy cameras we have possible is that.
Even some of the horrible black and white photographs from the apollo missions 60 years later are almost decaying.

Even though the Headline reads "New York," there are some photos from other states for example
1:17 Pennsylvania, 1935
7:17 H. Addison Bowie was in Washington D.C
9:11 the vessel Tashmoo leaving a dock.. That is Detroit,

Just in case some of you guys are wondering about the music in the background:
6 Hungarian Rhapsodies S359/R441: No.2 In D Minor [Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra on 101 Great Orchestral Classics,, Vol 4 - Oct. 28, 1991.]

I decided not to play MBD or Shewky because #1 They weren't born yet, not even their parents were born yet, and #2 I decided that real music would suit those photos ...